Pet Preparation

Most pet owners report that their pets were a great source of comfort and companionship post-operatively. However, you will want to make arrangements for someone to feed them, as you won’t be able to reach bowls on the floor. Likewise, you won’t be able to take them for walks for quite some time. It is helpful to get your pets accustomed to crutches and walkers before surgery.

You will not want them bustling around threatening to knock you over in their enthusiasm to see you again upon your return from the hospital. For your first post-operative meeting with your pets you may want to be seated securely in a stable chair with a pillow between your legs to avoid being jostled. It will not be appropriate for your pets to sleep with you post-operatively. You may want to be sure to shut your door at night to keep them out or rent a hospital bed that is higher. Teach them that this bed is off limits.

To ensure they are not going to knock you over going down the stairs, stop at the top of the stairs and let them proceed down ahead of you.

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