What To Take To The Hospital

Don’t over pack for the hospital. Hospitals request that you don’t bring valuables with you, although out-of-town patients may be allowed to deposit items in a safe. You won’t be in any condition to watch over your valuables, nor will you be able to carry them along if you need to leave the room. Give your overnight bag to a friend or family member who can carry it to your hospital room after surgery. Popular items to bring to the hospital include:

· Phone numbers of family, friends, insurance company and doctor
· Phone card to the hospital for long distance calls
· Medications, vitamins or laxatives, which you take daily and have been approved by Dr Swanson (most of your medications will be administered by the nursing staff—let them know if you are taking any medications in addition to what they are giving you.)
· Basic grooming supplies – brush, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, robe, and maybe a hand mirror
· Lip balm for dry lips
· Ear plugs and a sleep mask
· Small bills so you can send visitors to the candy machine, gift shop, etc.
· Very light reading material
· Comfort Bath wash cloths (no water needed) and No Rinse Shampoo
· Personal music device for relaxing and blocking out hospital sounds
· Fanny pack to strap to the hospital bed rail to have things close at hand
· Mints, gum and hard candies
· Insurance card or number
· Robe
· Socks – the kind with the grip soles are nice
· Shoes for PT and going home
· Loose comfortable clothing for PT and to wear home
· A pillow from home

After surgery you may be exhausted and uncomfortable. Most people don’t care about grooming and clothing during those days. Make it easy on yourself, plan on using the hospital gowns.

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