Post-Operative Appointment

At 5-6 weeks you will have an appointment to see Dr. Swanson in his office. By that time most patients are getting around independently without any significant discomfort, and almost all are off pain pills. Several things usually happen after the 5-6 week visit:

  • You can quit wearing your elastic stockings
  • You can discontinue the aspirin and iron pills (unless taking them for other reasons)
  • The primary dislocation precaution (keep hip rolled slightly outward when bending at the waist or flexing the hip) will be reviewed with you. You should remember this simple precaution for the rest of your life
  • You may begin a stationary bike program for the next 6 weeks if needed to loosen up the hip so you can better get your shoes and socks on, clip your toenails, etc.

After this first post-op visit, Dr. Swanson or one of his staff will see you at intervals for routine checks. Of course, if you are having any problems you will be seen more frequently. Because Dr. Swanson is in high demand and extremely busy, you may not see him for every post-operative visit. If you are having any problems, you will see Dr. Swanson; but more often, when things are progressing smoothly, you may see Dr. Swanson’s fellow or Physician’s Assistant for some of your visits. Dr. Swanson apologizes for not being able to see you for every post-operative visit; however, this policy minimizes patient wait times while allowing patients with serious problems Dr. Swanson’s attention.

Note: Occasionally, due to patient emergencies, add-ons, or other unforeseen events, Dr. Swanson may run behind. Bring reading material or “time passers” to your appointment in case there is a wait. If you are doing well and are there for a routine post-operative check, you may be seen by Dr. Swanson’s fellow or Physician’s Assistant; this will allow for a much shorter wait in many cases. However, Dr. Swanson will always see you at your request, although the wait may be a bit longer, and he will see you if you are having any significant problem with the hip.

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