What can I do to prepare for surgery?

Learn what to expect before, during and after surgery at What To Expect. For a comprehensive list of tips for surgery preparation visit Surgery Preparation Tips. Also, ask Dr. Swanson for an information booklet
on total hip replacement and the minimally invasive total hip.

Keep yourself as fit as possible. Continue walking or spending some time walking or swimming in a pool if possible. The stronger you can keep your muscles, the quicker your recovery from surgery will be. Try to quit smoking if possible, at least a week or so before surgery. Dr. Swanson can give you a prescription for a nicotine patch or gum if you need it.

Arrange your home for your return. Put things you will need frequently together and at arm level. Clear any objects that may cause you to trip and fall out of the areas where you will be walking. Consider installing grab bars and a hand held shower head in your bathroom. Also, stock up on food staples and consider making a few meals and freezing them for easy preparation when you first return home.

If you live alone, try to arrange for someone to spend the first couple days with you when you return home. A friend or family member does not need to stay with you constantly, but should be available when needed and stay with you the first couple nights you are home. This is recommended mainly as a precaution as you will be quite independent and largely able to care for yourself when you go home.

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