Young Patient Stories

Jim on 100 mile bike ride

Pauline, Nevada
Hip Replacement at 44, Osteonecrosis

“I discussed my situation with Dr Swanson and was thoroughly impressed with his expertise in ceramics and mini-incision hip replacements. When I left Dr Swanson’s office, I felt hope return to my life.”
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Jane, California
Hip Replacement at 49, Congenital Hip Dysplasia

“When I stood on my legs for the first time the morning after surgery, I looked down at two knees and feet pointing straight ahead, exactly the same! (My left leg had been rotated out about 45 degrees and I had not been able to point it straight ahead for many years.) The pain in the joint was gone! My leg is so perfect in symmetry with the other leg and functions so smoothly, one would never know it was an artificial joint!”
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Jim, Colorado
Hip Replacement at 49, Osteonecrosis

“ The day after surgery, the physical therapist came in and I said, “OK, lets go walking and try this thing out.” Here is where I began to be truly amazed. I walked the hall full weight bearing with the crutches with no pain. I could have cried from the relief. It was just so unbelievable.”
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Kathy, Alaska
Hip Replacement at 32, Congenital Hip Dysplasia

“Initially, I was really focused on the bearing surface, which is important, but after learning more about my femur shape, I also became interested in the advantages of the Zweymueller stem. As I was doing the surgery in another state, accessibility of the surgeon was very important and Dr Swanson was very accessible via e-mail.”
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Elisabeth, California
Hip Replacement at 44, Osteochondritis Dissecans

“My recovery went like clockwork. My pain control was superb-nothing like what I’d been dreading based on my first surgery. My hip extension was already better on my second post-op day than it had been for ten years. I was ecstatic.”
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Gabriel, Venezuela
Hip Replacement at 42, Revision from Bipolar

“After my second surgery I had a rebirth, I feel incredibly good and strong. I am back to the dance floor! I walk super, super fast – it is unbelievable. I feel renewed with my new hip and I am even planning on trying kite surfing this weekend or the next!”
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Steven, Las Vegas
Bilateral Hip Replacement at 34, Failed Hip Resurfacing

“For anyone who happens to read this I want to let you know personally that Dr. Swanson and his staff at Desert Orthopaedic Center have changed my life. I am now back to my normal self and completely pain free. In April of this year, I went to Zion National Park in Utah and hiked three miles with no pain. I had not done anything like that in almost 20 years.”
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