The Swanson Hip and Knee Center of Excellence provides solutions for every type of hip pain from sports injury to advanced arthritis.  Dr. Swanson is an expert in the latest technology and has worked for years with teams of experts working to improve the design of hip replacement prosthesis and surgical techniques.

Minimally invasive total hip replacement began in the late 1990’s when Dr. Swanson and others began working on ways to minimize the soft tissue trauma incurred with standard total hip replacement procedures.  Since then, total hip replacement surgery has changed dramatically.

Surgeries are routinely performed through 3-4 inch incisions, patients experience much less pain, blood transfusions are rare, hospital stays average 2-3 days, and recovery times have been cut in half.  This site will show you what to expect after minimally invasive total hip replacement, how we got here, and where we will be in the future.  Use this site to educate yourself when you, your friend, or family member is suffering from hip pain and searching for a solution which utilizes the latest advancements.

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